Our high school has started education in 1993 and it has been transformed into a School of Health by the Council of Ministers Resolution on 10/10/1996. It was attached to Sinop University, which was established by the law no. 5662 which was published in the Official Gazette dated 29 May 2007 and numbered 26536.


Depending on the principles and revolutions of Atatürk, it can affect the individual and his health, can change at any time and always sensitive, attaches importance to the environment and unity of the individual, accepts the value of an important value of health, equal to all members of the services, the health needs of the family and the community The aim of this course is to provide professional service, rehabilitation, knowledge, skill and attitude, scientific working power and wide masses.


* Leadership in education, research and application.

* Ensuring efficiency in scientific activities,

* Training-application integration while performing training,

* Providing health services, rational, systematic, faith-based presentation of individuals

* Critical thinking and expressing it,

* Self-care developer and developer of individuals,

* Adopting the problem-solving approach, adopting the continuous education philosophy in care and service delivery, adopting the problem-solving approach of individual, family and community in health care environments,

* Acting independently and boldly in its functions and applications,

* To be able to communicate effectively with the individual, family and society and give importance to interdisciplinary team work,

* Adopts universal ethical principles and team and practices